Freezer labels – 120 pack

Freezer labels – 120 pack


MHSEcoFriendly freezer labels
- 120 labels

Freezer Labels Product: Freezer Labels - 120 Labels - 6x3 cm Size
Brand Name: MHSEcoFriendly
EAN: 5070000172484
Manufacturer: MHS Eco Friendly LTD

MHSEcoFriendly Freezer Labels Easy Peel Off
MHSEcoFriendly Freezer Labels - Multi Purpose Labels
Multi purpose freezer labels easy peel off

Product description

Keep Your Pantry Organised – The Smart Way! If you are tired of throwing out large quantities of food because it is going bad or because you just don’t know what is in your cabinets, a set of reliable food storage labels is all you need. They are easy to stick on food bags, jars, and boxes, making their content identification easier - but are also practical and efficient for meal prep, baby food, or leftover storage in your fridge or freezer.

Presenting The High-End Removable Food Labels By MHSEcoFriendly!

Our Mega-Value bundle includes 10 sheets of 10 food label stickers with pre-printed Content and Date and 2 sheets of 10 blank labels each, for countless purposes. They are easy to write with a pen or biro and have a strong self-adhesive, non-porous surface that won't smear in deep freezer conditions. Perfectly sized for all standard food containers, they make identifying your frozen and refrigerated foods convenient and foolproof. And they also help you declutter your kitchen cabinets or pantry shelves of unidentified boxes, jars, or bottles, which are not only visually unappealing but wasteful, too.

Easy to write labels
Perfect Size food labels

Why Choose Our Freezer Labels

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What You Get:

100 * Freezer Labels 6 x 3 cm
20 * Blank Labels 6 x 3 cm
1* Storage Sleeve

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