Acrylic Paint Pen Activities for Kids

Acrylic Paint Pens Kid Activities

Acrylic Paint Pen Activities for Kids

Acrylic Paint Pen Activities for Kids:


Ready to get creating? Our new Acrylic Paint Pen sets will have you crafting up a storm. While we love school holidays as much as the next person, let’s face it, some days can stretch endlessly on and on. Inspired by our new Acrylic paint pen sets we’ve put together some great craft activities for kids to do this school holiday. They can all be done by a range of ages and abilities and offer hours of crafting fun for this school holiday.



What are Acrylic Pens?


Acrylic paint pens are like large markers, but they are water-based and filled with acrylic paint instead of ink. This makes them usable on a range of surfaces and gives a greater depth of coverage than a usual ink-based marker or pen. When used on plastic, ceramic or metals, they give off a shiny finish and are long-lasting. We’ve made sure our acrylic pens are odourless, water-based, quick-drying and most importantly, non-toxic, making them great for kids to use. Each pen is a vibrant colour with a .7mm tip allowing for bold or fine lines and intricate designs.  


Acrylic paint pens work on various materials from glass, rock, wood, leather and porcelain. There’s a huge range of activities kids can do with them, from upcycling clothing, painting rocks, pot plants, mugs, and so much more. 


Our set of 12 includes yellow, pink, orange, purple, blue, green, brown, black, white, gold and silver. As well as the activities below, our pen set includes an eBook packed with fun creative project ideas that’ll get your creative juices flowing. So let’s jump into some great ways to use Acrylic Pens and create this school holiday or whenever the creative urge strikes. 



How to use them:


I know I said we were jumping into activities, but before we get started on the activities we’d better quickly cover how to use them.


To make the most of your pens and keep them lasting longer, follow the steps:


        Shake: with the lid still on, give then pen a quick shake

        Pump: remove the lid and press the tip onto a piece of paper. You should see the colour flow down to the nib

        Test: before drawing your artwork, test the pen on a separate piece of paper

        Draw: create a beautiful piece of art

        Recap: don’t forget to recap each pen after use. 



Rock Painting:

Rock or Pebble painting is an excellent activity for kids of all ages and abilities; you can make it simple and paint them block colours or create beautifully intricate designs. There’s no end to the design options when rock painting. Kids can add these colourful creations to their bedrooms or take them on a walk and leave them for others to find and enjoy. First, collect your rocks or pebbles. Any stone will do; no matter what size or shape, there’s always a pattern waiting to be drawn. Though if this is your first time rock painting for little kids, it’s best to try and find rocks with smooth rounded surfaces that are flatter. Once you’ve got your stones, it’s worth giving them a quick wash to remove any dirt.


Then decide what you’re going to draw. If you want to sketch it out on a piece of paper before you start drawing it on your rock. Acrylic pens offer great convergence so they will be bright, vibrant colours, and the fine tips mean you can make the patterns as bold or intricate as you like. If you are laying colours or patterns it’s best to give each layer time to dry quickly before adding the next layer. Write your name, draw faces, rainbows, Minecraft, among us, minions the list of possibilities is endless. Create a matching collection or make everyone unique, it’s up to you. Draw and then let them dry. It’s as easy as that. Once dry, find them a forever home, or if you want to make someone else’s day go on a walk and leave them for others to see and enjoy. 



Custom Kicks


While white sneakers are super stylish, your kids can kick up their shoe game by creating custom shoes for themselves.  You’ll need a pair of white sneakers/pull on shoes and a set of acrylic paint pens. Start by planning your pattern and deciding which colours to use. Then, stuff each shoe with some newspaper or old fabric to keep its shape while you are drawing the design onto it. If it’s a pattern with lots of detail and colours, it’s easiest to layer by layer by adding each new detail or colour when the previous one has dried. Once your pattern is dry it might be worth adding a protective layer; you can spray them with a quick dry acrylic-based varnish or everyday shoe protector. If you’ve got neither of these products, don’t worry they’ll survive without the extra protection!




Design a mug


Got a kid’s movie night planned? Make it extra special by getting your kids to decorate their own hot chocolate mugs. Find some plain white or coloured ceramic mugs at your local store or second-hand shop. First, draw your design onto the mug using acrylic pens. Once you’ve finished the design, leave it to dry for 24 hours. After 24 hours place, it in a cold oven and set the oven to 180C (350F) and a timer for 1hour. Once the hour is up, leave the mug to cool in the oven, remove it, and hand wash it with mild dish soap. Now your mug is ready to use with a lasting pattern.   



Paint the walls:


Ok, not really, unless you are ready to sign your interior decorating over to your kids and then go for it. We are yet to meet kids who don’t love to draw, so why not create masterpieces on a big scale by painting the walls! As well as our acrylic pen set, you’ll need painters tape and some large pieces of fabric, paper or cardboard. The joy of acrylics is that they work well on many mediums to use what you have to draw on. Next, attach your piece of paper, cardboard or fabric to the wall using painters tape (regular tape may take the actual paint off the walls, so we recommend painting tape). Then set the kids to work creating their masterpiece. If you are worried about walls, the other options are to lay your paper, card or material on the floor or attach it to a fence in the back garden. Not sure what to paint? Inspiration is everywhere; trace a silhouette around your kids and get them to colour themselves. Paint characters from your favourite movie or game, use the painter’s tape to block out geometric patterns or just freestyle it and see what happens.



Get ready to take your kids’ art and crafts to the next level with our new Acrylic Paint Pens. From school holidays to Sunday fun and everything in between, Acrylic paint pens are great for a vast range of arts and craft activities just like the ones above. Our set of 12 acrylic-based pens are water-based, non-toxic and great for kids. As well as the above activities, we’ve made sure to include lots of inspiring ideas and projects in the free eBook included in every paint pen purchase. So what are you waiting for? Get creative!


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