Bag Clips: History Pros and Cons

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Bag Clips: History Pros and Cons

Bag Clips: A Comprehensive Breakdown of History, Pros and Cons, and Uses




When it comes to snacking, it’s important to keep your favourite snacks fresh. After all, there’s nothing worse than reaching into a bag of crisps, putting them in your mouth, and realising that they’ve gone stale from air exposure.


This is where bag clips come in.


Bag clips are handy little inventions that are designed to keep non-resealable food bags shut once they’ve been opened. They can be found just about anywhere that home and kitchen goods are sold including the grocery store, discount stores, and pound shops. They can even be sourced from second-hand shops.


Regardless of where you find them, though, they are always affordable and economical considering that they come in packages with multiple clips. It’s very rare to find a single bag clip being sold. In fact, we’ve never seen just a single clip for sale, so you’re 99% certain to obtain a number of them for a great price.


Bag clips come in a range of sizes, ranging from small to extra-large. They also come in a number of different styles — binder clip style and a traditional folding-snap style being the most common.


Typically, they are made of durable plastic but it’s not uncommon to find some that are made from various types of metal or resin-type material. There are even the occasional food bag clips that are magnetic.



History of the Bag Clip


Bag clips have a unique history.


The idea for them was posed in 1980 by Jim Shaw, who sent the idea to Fritoha — also known as Frito Lay. In this proposal, the product was called the “chip clip” because it was designed to keep crisp bags sealed to retain freshness.


In 1982, a man by the name of George Welch patented the idea for the chip clip, which he originally called a “bag closure device”. At some point, he changed the name to what we know it as today. Much catchier, don’t you think?


After patenting the idea, Welch found that other companies were manufacturing similar products. It was because of this that he received a portion of the other company’s sales on the product.


Pros of Food Clips


Food clips are beneficial and prove to be a good investment for a number of reasons.


The biggest benefit when it comes to food clips is that they are eco-friendly. Not only are they made of reusable material, but they also help to prevent food from being wasted, as they work to preserve its shelf-life. This, in turn, allows for more of it to be consumed and less to be thrown away because it is spoiled.


The use of food clips is beneficial for the earth because they can help cut down on how many disposable twist ties, which are considered to be waste, are sent to landfills.


Keeps food fresh

Bags of food that are sealed with plastic clips stay fresher for longer. This is because the process of spoiling is exacerbated by oxygen exposure, as well as moisture and warm temperatures.


By reducing the airflow to the food inside the bag, you can help ensure that your food stays good for as long as possible. This helps it to retain its nutritional value, as well as saves you from having to replace your food prematurely.

Deters bugs


Bugs are an all-too-common occurrence when it comes to food that has been left open or improperly sealed. There are a wide variety of bugs that enjoy chowing down on your crisps, pasta, rice, or breakfast cereal, and they’re more than happy to help themselves when they have access.


Using bag clips for food storage purposes can help you reduce the potential of bugs getting into your food since they will have a much harder time getting into the bag. When a bag clip is made from quality materials and constructed well, a bug gaining access to your food should be nearly impossible.



Bag clips are both useful and affordable. As we briefly mentioned above, they are usually sold in packs of multiple clips. More often than not, these packages contain anywhere from 5-25 clips, with some packages containing clips of various sizes.


In addition, when your clips get lost and it’s time to replace them, you won’t be spending a small fortune.


Easy to lose


Like socks, bag clips have a way of disappearing without a trace. One day you’ll have 10 of them and two days later you’ll somehow have 3. For someone who doesn’t want to spend money on replacing clips or who doesn’t have easy access to a store that sells them, this can be quite annoying and inconvenient.


Can be hard to open.


If you’re someone who has poor hand-eye coordination or who has troubles with manual dexterity, bag clips are not the right product for you. While they have a simple premise, they do require a level of dexterity in order to be used properly. Before they can attach the clip to the bag, the user must first open the clip with their fingers, which can be difficult in some situations and for certain people.



Other Practical Uses for Food Clips

Food clips can be used for more than simply sealing bags of food. They can also be used for the following everyday tasks and situations, in addition to many others.


As a page marker

Bag clips can come in handy in the kitchen in other ways — such as for marking and holding pages in cookbooks, for example. By attaching them to the page you’re using, you can ensure that you won’t lose your page.


Even if your book does snap shut, the bag clip will be attached to your page, making it easy to navigate back to it.

As a napkin weight

One of the issues with picnics in the park is that napkins have a tendency to fly away if the wind kicks up. You can make sure that doesn’t happen by using a bag clip to secure the napkins. This gives them enough weight that they won’t be lifted off the ground. It also keeps them neat and organised.


They can be used for paper in this way, too.


As a DIY Clothes Pin

Clothespins are relatively easy to get your hands on. However, unlike bag clips, they have a tendency to get lost.


If you happen to be someone who hangs their clothes to dry -whether it be all of your clothes or just delicate articles of clothing- and you can’t find a clothespin but you can locate a bag clip, then you’re in luck.


Virtually the same size and shape as clothespins, bag clips can be an easy, efficient substitute in a jiffy.

Organisational Colour Coding

Since bag clips come in a variety of colours, it makes sense that they could be used as handy organisational tools. You can use them to colour code stacks of paper, file folders, or storage bins with open lids. 

Simply clip the bag clip onto whatever you’re organising and make a mental note of what colour means what in your organisational system.



So why not try these MHSEcoFriendly bag clips for yourselves to see if these bring some convenience in your life !












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