Best Eco-Friendly Gifts

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Best Eco-Friendly Gifts

We can feel it in the air. The last pump of pumpkin spice latte has happened for the year. We’re starting to dress warmer each day, and we seem to start eating more and finding promotions for gifts and candy at every corner. It’s the big holiday season time coming up, and everyone is getting ready for it!

That’s right, Christmas, and several other holidays are all coming together to close out the new year, and that means it’s time to start getting gifts now so that we can actually enjoy the holiday season. Yet, there is no harm in trying something different this year, that may be a bit more mindful and actually a lot more eco-friendly.

How many holidays have we gone through where we end up spending too much, or overconsuming and end up buying so many random gifts for so many people. From discount socks to advent calendars, to perfumes, to clothing to….well the list goes on and on.

We end up feeling gluttonous at the end of the year, and then our vows for the new year are somehow similar across the board. We promise to be healthier, more mindful, consume less. It happens year over year, and sometimes we’re successful but more often than not, we aren’t, and end up becoming cyclical with our habits

Let’s take this year, especially after everything that’s happened and try to break that cycle, and start a new cycle of eco-friendly, sustainability in our lives, and the lives of our loved ones. Let’s take a look at some gifts that may seem simple at first, but have a profound message behind what we’re trying to convey.

Reusable freezer bags.

That’s right. Since the pandemic, we have spoiled ourselves with probably too much junk food, not enough exercise, and eventually started to learn that cooking was relevant. If we didn’t realise that, then now is the time to start thinking about all that food waste that you contribute to.

Around 17% of all food goes to waste, and 61% of that comes from the home. It’s something that we can easily handle with one of these nifty 12 pack or 15 pack reusable freezer storage bags. Easily cook a meal and preserve the leftovers in the freezer for the next day, or any other day you’re craving that delish chef-quality meal you just made. These bags are made to last, and can easily replace about 500 disposable plastic storage bags.

These bags are heavy-duty and made from 100% biodegradable PEVA bags. That means no breaks, no spills, no strange smells, and when they do reach the end of life, no worries because they’ll decompose much faster than other forms of plastic.

You can even prepare the entire weeks’ worth of food and simply take a bag a day for a meal, and defrost at the home or at the office. Why order takeaway meals or have another similar deli sandwich, when these bags will protect the flavour and effort you put into your meal. Eat like royalty every day with these bags.

The 12 pack comes in two sizes, large and small, while the 15 pack adds an extra-large size to your collection, enabling you to store even more foods for the future!

Freezer labels

Sometimes your freezer is so cold that it can frost over the contents of your bag, or you are trying to plan your meals for the week, and you simply forgot with your busy schedule. That’s why it’s important to get one of the most durable freezer labels around.

We already offer in our package 100 labels, meaning that one order will last you a long time. They are super easy to write on with a pen or biro and are actually waterproof, so the frost from the freezer or even moisture from the fridge will not affect them. Once you stick them on, they aren’t coming off until you want them to.

That’s another great feature of these food labels. You can actually take them off and reuse them due to the high quality of the extra strong adhesive. There’s also no sticky residue that sometimes is left, especially when removing labels from glass jars. It’s a simple pull and reuse mechanic.

We provide many different sizes that can go on a variety of food storage items, not just destined for the freezer or refrigerator, but also the pantry and lunch boxes. Our labels come in two different formats, a blank easy-to-label format, and one with some space drawn out for contents and dates (usually expiration or best buy dates).

Acrylic Paint Pens

Not everything needs to be about storage, and that is especially true when it comes to this set of 12 vibrant and beautiful paint pens. These water-based, and non-toxic paint pens are a welcome addition to any arts and crafts project for this holiday season.

Unleash your creative bones on nearly any surface such as metal, rock, glass, paper, porcelain, wood, and even rubber, and create mesmerising and captive works of art for you and the whole family. That’s right, these high precision 0.7mm pens are great for all ages, including children due to how they are made and the fact that they are odourless as well.

If you don’t fancy yourself as the creative type, no worries. Each purchase comes with a downloadable eBook filled with inspiration and creative projects for hours of endless fun.

Food bag clips

To round off this great selection of eco-friendly products that promote sustainability, we have these brightly coloured food bag clips ready to help you out in the holidays. Don’t underestimate this product, because we know once you try these, you will be begging for more.

These BPA-free food bag clips are the perfect tool to help preserve all that extra food (and junk food) you’ll probably be consuming this holiday season. Hey, if it happens, at least you can preserve the freshness of the food with one of these clips right?

To top it off, they have some great non-stick handles, so they won’t be flying out of your hands causing an accidental holiday season, and won’t break without a fight either, since they are made from durable ABS material.

All of our packs come in three different sizes of clips, including two specialised clips for protecting those bread packages. When not in use, we also provide a reusable storage bag, so you can have all these wonderful clips in one location when not in use.

Enjoy the holidays

With these unique eco-friendly gift options above, you are on a path to provide good habits with a  little bit of fun and colour in your loved ones’ lives. Make this year the year of change and don’t forget to grab yourself a set of these items for your own use. After all, why not gift yourself an amazing gift if you have the chance?

Regardless, let us help you with our eco-friendly made products in making the right sustainable choices this holiday season, so that we can enjoy them for many years to come. We can’t promise no holiday drama, but we can ensure that all those delicious leftovers can be properly preserved for quite a while.


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