Challenging times – Adapting Reusable Products

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Challenging times – Adapting Reusable Products

These are unprecedented times, let us not live in a fantasy world. No one could have imagined what 2020 would be and still turn out to be. The living generations are witnessing what the future generations will get to know from the history lessons. So we all are in a unique situation by going through this once in a lifetime scenario when the history is in the making.

Every individual has to deal and cope up with this pandemic in his or her way. As we know humans are social animals and the worst part of this pandemic has been to go against this very basic principle, to become isolated and keep away from each other. Stay 2 meters away from each other to adopt social distancing is a new terminology never used before. This itself has very serious consequences for many as it’s against the very nature of someone to meet and greet their friends and family and socialize with them in person as part of their daily lives. So this pandemic not only had physical but also a mental impact on us where everyone had to cope up at their own pace and capacity.

As a society as we all are in this together so we should also aim to get out of this together by helping each other and aiming to come out of the other side even stronger and better. At the same time, we need to keep the focus on the bigger picture and ensure our way of life is conducive to the people around us and the environment. Our priorities need to be reviewed and re-analyzed to ensure we are not leading the same old hollow life but have steered our lives to a better cause and mission.

We can live in a sustainable manner by changing our habits and adapting to a more sustainable lifestyle. Reusable food storage bags are not only good for the environment but also a better choice for everyone. If we look at the pollution and rapid change of climate we should consider this aspect as something each individual should at least think when buying any plastic product. We should question ourselves and make an effort to find an alternative to plastic-free products being available in the market. A little pondering over to the reduce, reuse, and recycle psychology will help you to do a little research and you will find for instance multi-functional reusable food storage bags or reusable sandwich bags for your everyday use. 

By taking this small action you will replace one-time use plastic bags with these multi-functional reusable freezer bags, or reusable sandwich bags or even reusable food storage bags. Once you use these you will surely not go back to these one time only useable plastic bags. This change of habit if done at a mass scale will have a huge impact on a global scale. So let’s look at the change this will bring, our oceans will have less pollution, our environment will have less of these plastics that can not be biodegradable and recycled. Hence by taking a small step, you will eventually have made your big contribution, and if we all take action as a society we would make a big impact for not only us but for our future generations.

So its never late, why not look for an alternative to plastic products, and use reusable products in our daily lives. We at MHSEcoFriendly have been working towards this cause and are playing our small part to make a big impact.

A message of Love and respect for everyone.

Stay safe and healthy.

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