Change of Climate a Coincidence or a reality

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Change of Climate a Coincidence or a reality

I am sure we all have noticed the significant shift in climate. A cold day in summer, a sudden thunderstorm with heavy rains, or a sunny day as a surprise. Change in weather from one week to another from hot to cold or from cold breeze to a thunderstorm.  

This can be a coincidence if you still believe there is no climate change happening and things are the same as a decade or two ago. But if you belong to a group of people who think there is something changing maybe gradually and we need to do something by playing our part to at least slow down this impact to ensure our future generations are not only able to survive but strive on this beautiful land of ours.

Let our legacy be great for our future generations. Intelligent buying decisions can bring a small change in your lives that can be exponentially beneficial for the great mankind and future generations. So please pause and take some time to ponder over your contribution and role to this society. Small steps in the right direction can bring about great revolutions and change. By asking simple questions to yourselves like do you really need to use one-time things like plastic bags and bin them after one-time use, or you can use reusable food storage bags or reusable freezer bags to ensure you can use them again and again. Less plastic waste will reduce pollution and help a clean and sustainable environment.

We need to change our habits by tuning our brains to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as we can. The motivation is a cleaner environment where the whole ecosystem can blossom like a ray of sunshine.

A message of Love, care, and respect for all.

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