Not All LABELS Are Equal

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Not All LABELS Are Equal

Not All LABELS Are Equal


We’ve taken the past couple of years to change our habits, especially our food habits. Many have gone back to the days of food preservation and management, buying items in bulk and creating dishes to be stored later. This is a great way to not only save money and budget oneself in these unsure times but a great way to manage our diets through what is usually healthier eating.

The main issue is that when we want to go down this route of buying fresh foods or buying in bulk, we have mastered the art of purchasing and shopping, but we are still catching up on pantry and food management. Food has an expiration date, whether it’s frozen, prepared or in airtight packaging. The date is always on the packaging for items we buy. But what about those items with no labels, or what about those items you created in your kitchen? You made that carrot cake on Tuesday? Will it last more than two weeks or will it be green carrot cake a fortnight later?

Enter the power of food labels. These are the kitchen and pantry organiser’s best friend. This is a specialised type of product that should work on any surface, whether it be plastic, silicone or glass. Some might think that this is not necessary as the food will be eaten before the time expires. The UK is notorious for being one of the largest European nations known for its food waste, from production to consumption. We, as the consumer can play our part, by proper management and labelling our foods.

Using food label stickers is a great way for us to begin our organisation. They only enable us to create our own food for storage and consumption. In addition – we can put critical information on it, such as production date, contents, and maybe even an expiration date (if you want to be extremely organized). This way you don’t have to keep going to the supermarket to buy chicken, when you realise you made four portions of chicken and mash and they are sitting in the fridge, ready to be eaten.


Picking the wrong label for the job

Ok, that sounds great – so you find some low-cost stickers or fridge labels at your hobby shop, or in the supermarket itself, you begin your organisation, and you tirelessly cook a lovely meal to be eaten throughout the week. Here are some common issues that we usually have encountered at different parts of the process


Labels won’t rip off

The labels have absorbed some condensation and when you try to rip them off, they end up being torn into smaller pieces. Then you have that mix of sticky glue and paper, that gets into a fight with your hand that is trying to pull them off.


Sticky Residue

The glue from the sticker comes off and adheres to the container. This can happen with most packaging containers and in some cases, cause the packaging material to degrade or possibly rip, as in the case of thin plastic bagging.


No replacements

You only started a week ago and realised that you have already run out of label stickers. The jars are a mess, and the dishwasher needs to be run on the hottest setting to remove the gluey residue. This does not bode well for the budding kitchen organisation planning.


Not freezer friendly

You want to place the majority of what you made in the freezer to preserve it. To make matters worse, the conditions inside of your freezer will most likely not be food label sticker friendly, due to the lowered temperatures and the condensation freezing the stickers off. It can become a mess very easily. Labels can fall off, and then you might not remember what was made towards the end of the week.

A kitchen is already a place prone to messes and your organisational needs do not need to be hindered by it.


Our solution

Don’t worry, we here at MHSEcoFriendly are here for you. As our focus is to make eco-friendly food storage and organisation products, we noticed the shortcomings of most food labels and we saw to it ourselves to create the best multipurpose freezer labels out there. These are perfect to write on using a pen or biro, without having to worry about any smearing. In addition, these labels do not have specific instructions as other labels might have. What this means is that once you’re ready to label something, you do not have to wait for the adhesive to dry or stick properly. There are some items out there on the market that state to wait at least 30 minutes in some cases to ensure that these labels stick properly. We ensure that you can pack, label and store at your speed. 



These stickers come right off and on again for multiple uses – aligning with our mission of reusable products and being eco-friendly. They do not leave that nasty gunky glue residue either, so you can peel off the label and wash your containers as needed



These labels are not just freezer-friendly labels that are easy to peel off but are more resistant to water and liquids. This means you can work in the messy comfort of the kitchen and still have high-quality labels after the cooking and preparing is done


Extra strong adhesive

Our ‘stickiness’ is built for deep freezer storage and are so strong, can even hold weight without tearing or losing its adhesion. When they are placed on packaging, they are placed to stay. These are as clingy as that puppy that never leaves your side!


Large quantity at a reasonable price

The smallest quantity we offer is 100 labels! This means you can start becoming an expert pantry manager and start labelling as needed. We offer labels with preprinted content and date areas, as well as blank labels in the same packaging. This means you can use it as you desire



Since we’ve built these for the harshest environment in your home, these food labels do not need to have their usage restricted to only the coldest and wettest part of your home. These labels can be sent with the kids to school, label homemade baby food products for the newborn, or if you started your own brew or jam amateur business in the cellar. Their usage for food inventory management is limitless.

Also – do not be afraid to utilise these labels beyond the home kitchen. These are great for the food services industry and catering industry as a way to properly label and store food in a variety of conditions.

Take a look here if you want more details on where to buy these amazing labels. We want to make sure that we provide you with the best freezer food labels for home use.

As a family-owned and operated business, our focus is always on the home, providing safe products for you and your loved ones. Although we discussed our labels, our entire suite of products is focused on eco-friendly and reusable food storage. We are on a mission to reduce food waste, enable using fresher foods, and providing the tools necessary for food pantry management.







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