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Best Eco-Friendly Gifts

We can feel it in the air. The last pump of pumpkin spice latte has happened for the year. We’re starting to dress warmer each day, and we seem to start eating more and finding promotions for gifts and candy at every corner. It’s the

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The Need for Change

Pre-covid, we often undervalued the “cause and effect” of a single person. When organizations called us into action, we would share a hashtag or sign a pledge, satisfied to have done our part without considering our contributions beyond this point. With so much at our

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Sunset – The philosophy of Life!

Witnessing the sunset is a great sight and experience which can not be easily expressed in words. For few, it’s just another day gone by where the sun has disappeared from the horizon, but for many, it provides great insight and parity comparable to our

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Challenging times – Adapting Reusable Products

These are unprecedented times, let us not live in a fantasy world. No one could have imagined what 2020 would be and still turn out to be. The living generations are witnessing what the future generations will get to know from the history lessons. So

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Eco-Friendly Products by MHSEcoFriendly

How many times have you seen a beautiful beach being destroyed by plastic waste?  How many times have you seen crystal clear waters being polluted by disposable snack bags? Here, at MHSEcoFriendly, we believe in protecting our beautiful planet and together we can save our

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Change of Climate a Coincidence or a reality

I am sure we all have noticed the significant shift in climate. A cold day in summer, a sudden thunderstorm with heavy rains, or a sunny day as a surprise. Change in weather from one week to another from hot to cold or from cold

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Challenging and Uncertain Times!

These are unprecedented times where there is a lot of uncertainty. Every day of the week, every week of the month and every month of the year is changing the global dynamics directly due to the COVID-19 pandemic or indirectly due to the repercussions and

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