Best Eco-Friendly Gifts

We can feel it in the air. The last pump of pumpkin spice latte has happened for the year. We’re starting to dress warmer each day, and we seem to start eating more and finding promotions for gifts and candy at every corner. It’s the big holiday season time coming up, and everyone is getting ready for it!

That’s right, Christmas, and several other holidays are all coming together to close out the new year, and that means it’s time to start getting gifts now so that we can actually enjoy the holiday season. Yet, there is no harm in trying something different this year, that may be a bit more mindful and actually a lot more eco-friendly.

How many holidays have we gone through where we end up spending too much, or overconsuming and end up buying so many random gifts for so many people. From discount socks to advent calendars, to perfumes, to clothing to….well the list goes on and on.

We end up feeling gluttonous at the end of the year, and then our vows for the new year are somehow similar across the board. We promise to be healthier, more mindful, consume less. It happens year over year, and sometimes we’re successful but more often than not, we aren’t, and end up becoming cyclical with our habits

Let’s take this year, especially after everything that’s happened and try to break that cycle, and start a new cycle of eco-friendly, sustainability in our lives, and the lives of our loved ones. Let’s take a look at some gifts that may seem simple at first, but have a profound message behind what we’re trying to convey.

Reusable freezer bags.

That’s right. Since the pandemic, we have spoiled ourselves with probably too much junk food, not enough exercise, and eventually started to learn that cooking was relevant. If we didn’t realise that, then now is the time to start thinking about all that food waste that you contribute to.

Around 17% of all food goes to waste, and 61% of that comes from the home. It’s something that we can easily handle with one of these nifty 12 pack or 15 pack reusable freezer storage bags. Easily cook a meal and preserve the leftovers in the freezer for the next day, or any other day you’re craving that delish chef-quality meal you just made. These bags are made to last, and can easily replace about 500 disposable plastic storage bags.

These bags are heavy-duty and made from 100% biodegradable PEVA bags. That means no breaks, no spills, no strange smells, and when they do reach the end of life, no worries because they’ll decompose much faster than other forms of plastic.

You can even prepare the entire weeks’ worth of food and simply take a bag a day for a meal, and defrost at the home or at the office. Why order takeaway meals or have another similar deli sandwich, when these bags will protect the flavour and effort you put into your meal. Eat like royalty every day with these bags.

The 12 pack comes in two sizes, large and small, while the 15 pack adds an extra-large size to your collection, enabling you to store even more foods for the future!

Freezer labels

Sometimes your freezer is so cold that it can frost over the contents of your bag, or you are trying to plan your meals for the week, and you simply forgot with your busy schedule. That’s why it’s important to get one of the most durable freezer labels around.

We already offer in our package 100 labels, meaning that one order will last you a long time. They are super easy to write on with a pen or biro and are actually waterproof, so the frost from the freezer or even moisture from the fridge will not affect them. Once you stick them on, they aren’t coming off until you want them to.

That’s another great feature of these food labels. You can actually take them off and reuse them due to the high quality of the extra strong adhesive. There’s also no sticky residue that sometimes is left, especially when removing labels from glass jars. It’s a simple pull and reuse mechanic.

We provide many different sizes that can go on a variety of food storage items, not just destined for the freezer or refrigerator, but also the pantry and lunch boxes. Our labels come in two different formats, a blank easy-to-label format, and one with some space drawn out for contents and dates (usually expiration or best buy dates).

Acrylic Paint Pens

Not everything needs to be about storage, and that is especially true when it comes to this set of 12 vibrant and beautiful paint pens. These water-based, and non-toxic paint pens are a welcome addition to any arts and crafts project for this holiday season.

Unleash your creative bones on nearly any surface such as metal, rock, glass, paper, porcelain, wood, and even rubber, and create mesmerising and captive works of art for you and the whole family. That’s right, these high precision 0.7mm pens are great for all ages, including children due to how they are made and the fact that they are odourless as well.

If you don’t fancy yourself as the creative type, no worries. Each purchase comes with a downloadable eBook filled with inspiration and creative projects for hours of endless fun.

Food bag clips

To round off this great selection of eco-friendly products that promote sustainability, we have these brightly coloured food bag clips ready to help you out in the holidays. Don’t underestimate this product, because we know once you try these, you will be begging for more.

These BPA-free food bag clips are the perfect tool to help preserve all that extra food (and junk food) you’ll probably be consuming this holiday season. Hey, if it happens, at least you can preserve the freshness of the food with one of these clips right?

To top it off, they have some great non-stick handles, so they won’t be flying out of your hands causing an accidental holiday season, and won’t break without a fight either, since they are made from durable ABS material.

All of our packs come in three different sizes of clips, including two specialised clips for protecting those bread packages. When not in use, we also provide a reusable storage bag, so you can have all these wonderful clips in one location when not in use.

Enjoy the holidays

With these unique eco-friendly gift options above, you are on a path to provide good habits with a  little bit of fun and colour in your loved ones’ lives. Make this year the year of change and don’t forget to grab yourself a set of these items for your own use. After all, why not gift yourself an amazing gift if you have the chance?

Regardless, let us help you with our eco-friendly made products in making the right sustainable choices this holiday season, so that we can enjoy them for many years to come. We can’t promise no holiday drama, but we can ensure that all those delicious leftovers can be properly preserved for quite a while.


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Not All LABELS Are Equal

Not All LABELS Are Equal


We’ve taken the past couple of years to change our habits, especially our food habits. Many have gone back to the days of food preservation and management, buying items in bulk and creating dishes to be stored later. This is a great way to not only save money and budget oneself in these unsure times but a great way to manage our diets through what is usually healthier eating.

The main issue is that when we want to go down this route of buying fresh foods or buying in bulk, we have mastered the art of purchasing and shopping, but we are still catching up on pantry and food management. Food has an expiration date, whether it’s frozen, prepared or in airtight packaging. The date is always on the packaging for items we buy. But what about those items with no labels, or what about those items you created in your kitchen? You made that carrot cake on Tuesday? Will it last more than two weeks or will it be green carrot cake a fortnight later?

Enter the power of food labels. These are the kitchen and pantry organiser’s best friend. This is a specialised type of product that should work on any surface, whether it be plastic, silicone or glass. Some might think that this is not necessary as the food will be eaten before the time expires. The UK is notorious for being one of the largest European nations known for its food waste, from production to consumption. We, as the consumer can play our part, by proper management and labelling our foods.

Using food label stickers is a great way for us to begin our organisation. They only enable us to create our own food for storage and consumption. In addition – we can put critical information on it, such as production date, contents, and maybe even an expiration date (if you want to be extremely organized). This way you don’t have to keep going to the supermarket to buy chicken, when you realise you made four portions of chicken and mash and they are sitting in the fridge, ready to be eaten.


Picking the wrong label for the job

Ok, that sounds great – so you find some low-cost stickers or fridge labels at your hobby shop, or in the supermarket itself, you begin your organisation, and you tirelessly cook a lovely meal to be eaten throughout the week. Here are some common issues that we usually have encountered at different parts of the process


Labels won’t rip off

The labels have absorbed some condensation and when you try to rip them off, they end up being torn into smaller pieces. Then you have that mix of sticky glue and paper, that gets into a fight with your hand that is trying to pull them off.


Sticky Residue

The glue from the sticker comes off and adheres to the container. This can happen with most packaging containers and in some cases, cause the packaging material to degrade or possibly rip, as in the case of thin plastic bagging.


No replacements

You only started a week ago and realised that you have already run out of label stickers. The jars are a mess, and the dishwasher needs to be run on the hottest setting to remove the gluey residue. This does not bode well for the budding kitchen organisation planning.


Not freezer friendly

You want to place the majority of what you made in the freezer to preserve it. To make matters worse, the conditions inside of your freezer will most likely not be food label sticker friendly, due to the lowered temperatures and the condensation freezing the stickers off. It can become a mess very easily. Labels can fall off, and then you might not remember what was made towards the end of the week.

A kitchen is already a place prone to messes and your organisational needs do not need to be hindered by it.


Our solution

Don’t worry, we here at MHSEcoFriendly are here for you. As our focus is to make eco-friendly food storage and organisation products, we noticed the shortcomings of most food labels and we saw to it ourselves to create the best multipurpose freezer labels out there. These are perfect to write on using a pen or biro, without having to worry about any smearing. In addition, these labels do not have specific instructions as other labels might have. What this means is that once you’re ready to label something, you do not have to wait for the adhesive to dry or stick properly. There are some items out there on the market that state to wait at least 30 minutes in some cases to ensure that these labels stick properly. We ensure that you can pack, label and store at your speed. 



These stickers come right off and on again for multiple uses – aligning with our mission of reusable products and being eco-friendly. They do not leave that nasty gunky glue residue either, so you can peel off the label and wash your containers as needed



These labels are not just freezer-friendly labels that are easy to peel off but are more resistant to water and liquids. This means you can work in the messy comfort of the kitchen and still have high-quality labels after the cooking and preparing is done


Extra strong adhesive

Our ‘stickiness’ is built for deep freezer storage and are so strong, can even hold weight without tearing or losing its adhesion. When they are placed on packaging, they are placed to stay. These are as clingy as that puppy that never leaves your side!


Large quantity at a reasonable price

The smallest quantity we offer is 100 labels! This means you can start becoming an expert pantry manager and start labelling as needed. We offer labels with preprinted content and date areas, as well as blank labels in the same packaging. This means you can use it as you desire



Since we’ve built these for the harshest environment in your home, these food labels do not need to have their usage restricted to only the coldest and wettest part of your home. These labels can be sent with the kids to school, label homemade baby food products for the newborn, or if you started your own brew or jam amateur business in the cellar. Their usage for food inventory management is limitless.

Also – do not be afraid to utilise these labels beyond the home kitchen. These are great for the food services industry and catering industry as a way to properly label and store food in a variety of conditions.

Take a look here if you want more details on where to buy these amazing labels. We want to make sure that we provide you with the best freezer food labels for home use.

As a family-owned and operated business, our focus is always on the home, providing safe products for you and your loved ones. Although we discussed our labels, our entire suite of products is focused on eco-friendly and reusable food storage. We are on a mission to reduce food waste, enable using fresher foods, and providing the tools necessary for food pantry management.







Acrylic Paint Pen Activities for Kids

Acrylic Paint Pen Activities for Kids:


Ready to get creating? Our new Acrylic Paint Pen sets will have you crafting up a storm. While we love school holidays as much as the next person, let’s face it, some days can stretch endlessly on and on. Inspired by our new Acrylic paint pen sets we’ve put together some great craft activities for kids to do this school holiday. They can all be done by a range of ages and abilities and offer hours of crafting fun for this school holiday.



What are Acrylic Pens?


Acrylic paint pens are like large markers, but they are water-based and filled with acrylic paint instead of ink. This makes them usable on a range of surfaces and gives a greater depth of coverage than a usual ink-based marker or pen. When used on plastic, ceramic or metals, they give off a shiny finish and are long-lasting. We’ve made sure our acrylic pens are odourless, water-based, quick-drying and most importantly, non-toxic, making them great for kids to use. Each pen is a vibrant colour with a .7mm tip allowing for bold or fine lines and intricate designs.  


Acrylic paint pens work on various materials from glass, rock, wood, leather and porcelain. There’s a huge range of activities kids can do with them, from upcycling clothing, painting rocks, pot plants, mugs, and so much more. 


Our set of 12 includes yellow, pink, orange, purple, blue, green, brown, black, white, gold and silver. As well as the activities below, our pen set includes an eBook packed with fun creative project ideas that’ll get your creative juices flowing. So let’s jump into some great ways to use Acrylic Pens and create this school holiday or whenever the creative urge strikes. 



How to use them:


I know I said we were jumping into activities, but before we get started on the activities we’d better quickly cover how to use them.


To make the most of your pens and keep them lasting longer, follow the steps:


        Shake: with the lid still on, give then pen a quick shake

        Pump: remove the lid and press the tip onto a piece of paper. You should see the colour flow down to the nib

        Test: before drawing your artwork, test the pen on a separate piece of paper

        Draw: create a beautiful piece of art

        Recap: don’t forget to recap each pen after use. 



Rock Painting:

Rock or Pebble painting is an excellent activity for kids of all ages and abilities; you can make it simple and paint them block colours or create beautifully intricate designs. There’s no end to the design options when rock painting. Kids can add these colourful creations to their bedrooms or take them on a walk and leave them for others to find and enjoy. First, collect your rocks or pebbles. Any stone will do; no matter what size or shape, there’s always a pattern waiting to be drawn. Though if this is your first time rock painting for little kids, it’s best to try and find rocks with smooth rounded surfaces that are flatter. Once you’ve got your stones, it’s worth giving them a quick wash to remove any dirt.


Then decide what you’re going to draw. If you want to sketch it out on a piece of paper before you start drawing it on your rock. Acrylic pens offer great convergence so they will be bright, vibrant colours, and the fine tips mean you can make the patterns as bold or intricate as you like. If you are laying colours or patterns it’s best to give each layer time to dry quickly before adding the next layer. Write your name, draw faces, rainbows, Minecraft, among us, minions the list of possibilities is endless. Create a matching collection or make everyone unique, it’s up to you. Draw and then let them dry. It’s as easy as that. Once dry, find them a forever home, or if you want to make someone else’s day go on a walk and leave them for others to see and enjoy. 



Custom Kicks


While white sneakers are super stylish, your kids can kick up their shoe game by creating custom shoes for themselves.  You’ll need a pair of white sneakers/pull on shoes and a set of acrylic paint pens. Start by planning your pattern and deciding which colours to use. Then, stuff each shoe with some newspaper or old fabric to keep its shape while you are drawing the design onto it. If it’s a pattern with lots of detail and colours, it’s easiest to layer by layer by adding each new detail or colour when the previous one has dried. Once your pattern is dry it might be worth adding a protective layer; you can spray them with a quick dry acrylic-based varnish or everyday shoe protector. If you’ve got neither of these products, don’t worry they’ll survive without the extra protection!




Design a mug


Got a kid’s movie night planned? Make it extra special by getting your kids to decorate their own hot chocolate mugs. Find some plain white or coloured ceramic mugs at your local store or second-hand shop. First, draw your design onto the mug using acrylic pens. Once you’ve finished the design, leave it to dry for 24 hours. After 24 hours place, it in a cold oven and set the oven to 180C (350F) and a timer for 1hour. Once the hour is up, leave the mug to cool in the oven, remove it, and hand wash it with mild dish soap. Now your mug is ready to use with a lasting pattern.   



Paint the walls:


Ok, not really, unless you are ready to sign your interior decorating over to your kids and then go for it. We are yet to meet kids who don’t love to draw, so why not create masterpieces on a big scale by painting the walls! As well as our acrylic pen set, you’ll need painters tape and some large pieces of fabric, paper or cardboard. The joy of acrylics is that they work well on many mediums to use what you have to draw on. Next, attach your piece of paper, cardboard or fabric to the wall using painters tape (regular tape may take the actual paint off the walls, so we recommend painting tape). Then set the kids to work creating their masterpiece. If you are worried about walls, the other options are to lay your paper, card or material on the floor or attach it to a fence in the back garden. Not sure what to paint? Inspiration is everywhere; trace a silhouette around your kids and get them to colour themselves. Paint characters from your favourite movie or game, use the painter’s tape to block out geometric patterns or just freestyle it and see what happens.



Get ready to take your kids’ art and crafts to the next level with our new Acrylic Paint Pens. From school holidays to Sunday fun and everything in between, Acrylic paint pens are great for a vast range of arts and craft activities just like the ones above. Our set of 12 acrylic-based pens are water-based, non-toxic and great for kids. As well as the above activities, we’ve made sure to include lots of inspiring ideas and projects in the free eBook included in every paint pen purchase. So what are you waiting for? Get creative!


 MHS Eco Friendly Team










The Need for Change

Pre-covid, we often undervalued the “cause and effect” of a single person. When organizations called us into action, we would share a hashtag or sign a pledge, satisfied to have done our part without considering our contributions beyond this point. With so much at our fingertips, we had become accustomed to a lifestyle that required minimal effort, which quickly led to general disinterest as we settled comfortably into our ignorant bliss.

 And then Covid-19 happened, and the world began to shift on a global scale.

 In the wake of the pandemic, people everywhere have begun to re-examine this way of being. Suddenly finding ourselves isolated from the convenience of the systems we had created forced us to face the reality we previously ignored – as a society, we were fast becoming lazy, thoughtless, and far from self-sufficient. And our eco-systems were suffering. Our animals were suffering. Our natural world was in crisis, and for the first time in a long time, we started to look inwards for change.


It Takes Just One Person

Mother Teresa said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”.

This is a sentiment that holds as true today as it did back then. Though the notion of making any profound impact seems near impossible, it is a lot more achievable than you may think. Because when you go about your day, you are not just taking steps that influence the course of your life – your actions have the power to influence anyone you come into contact with as well.

Consider it this way – you are going for a hike with friends, and instead of your usual plastic bag, you use reusable ziplock bags for your snacks. Your friends notice this and enquire about the change. Not only does this open the conversation to discuss environmental issues, but it gets them thinking about their own habits too. It could even inspire one of them to make that change themselves. It may be just one other person, but that one person who felt inspired by you may go on to inspire someone else. And that person may do the same. And the person they inspire may have a child, and this child will be raised with that influence and eventually expose that to everyone they meet. And all because you switched to reusable ziplock bags.

Now that you are aware of your great potential, it’s time to look at all the ways you can get started.


World Environment Day

World Environment Day, established by the United Nations in 1972, was celebrated for the first time two years later under the theme “Only One Earth”. The intention behind the day was to increase awareness and encourage change, and it still calls for action from governments, organizations, and citizens the world over. It is celebrated on the 5th of June every year and has already tackled various global environmental issues, including biodiversity, climate change, and wildlife crime. This year World Environment Day, hosted in Pakistan, calls attention to Ecosystem Restoration.

There are several ways to get involved, from small changes in your daily routine to fundraisers to volunteering your time. This allows you to be realistic about what you can do and build from there. Every contribution, no matter how small, is deeply valued with an emphasis on long-term results.

This is a great reminder, as moving from mindless to earth-conscious can leave you demotivated when you don’t see results right away. The UN has also created a website dedicated to this day, where you can read more about current initiatives or sign up to receive updates and tips (https://www.worldenvironmentday.global/get-involved/subscribe-updates).

How Can You Help?

Although World Environment Day is an outstanding initiative and a great dose of regular encouragement and support, developing long-lasting, positive habits should be your priority. At MHSEcoFriendly, saving the planet drives us, and this extends to the products we offer.

We understand that the best way to promote change is by offering our earth warriors a sustainable and convenient alternative that is easy to incorporate into daily routines. When environmentally friendly changes fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, you are less likely to lose motivation, making it easier to hold your resolve when old habits challenge new ones. We are also big followers of the age-old principle of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ and encourage you to do the same.


Our reusable freezer bags are durable, mould resistant, and easy to clean, providing countless uses before they need replacing. Gone are the days where you were buying freezer bags like they were going out of fashion. When the time does come to say goodbye, their biodegradable properties will see them decomposing in less than six months. In addition to this, you are not replacing them as often as single-use bags, which goes a long way in reducing your overall waste. It really does make saving time, money, and the planet a breeze.


These are more than just reusable food bags. These versatile baggies have several alternative uses. Here are 5 of our top picks;

     If you have a toddler, these leak-proof bags are a parent’s dream for sensory play. Fill them with clear slime, glitter, and a handful of beads to keep your toddler entertained for hours. You can also squirt dots of various coloured paints into the bag, zip it closed, and let your toddler squeeze to their hearts delight for some mess-free sensory fun.

     These reusable ziplock bags are the perfect beach companion. The ideal way to keep your wallet, change, and cellphone dry and sand-free. And, of course, you can save yourself some money by packing a snack from home.

     There is nothing worse than cleaning make-up off the inside of your bag. Though vanity cases do their best, they are tough to clean and end up looking less than sanitary after a while. The reusable ziplock bags will keep your cosmetics from touching the lining of your vanity/handbag and are effortless to clean. The added cleanliness also goes a long way in minimising bacteria and keeping your cosmetics fresher for longer.

     The reusable freezer bags are great for storing icy treats for your beloved fur babies. Add water, gravy, and dog/cat pebbles into a bowl and stir until the mixture is mushy. Move this mix into an ice tray and freeze right away. Once ready, pop the cubes into your freezer bag, label them with one of our handy freezer bag labels, and store them in the freezer until needed. This is a great way for your pets to cool down on hotter days or provide the perfect distraction when you need to keep them busy.

     Many of us enjoy a good workout before heading to the office, but it can be troublesome keeping loose jewellery items, like wedding rings and necklaces, from going astray. These reusable ziplock bags are great at keeping your smaller valuables safe and are much easier to locate in your bag. And you don’t have to worry about them falling out, because you know the bag is safely sealed.

     Our reusable ziplock bags are great for travelling. Yes, to store snacks, but also to store clothes. When you’re packing for your trip, these bags are a great way to keep items like underwear, socks, and toiletries separate and neat. As a bonus, if your toiletries happen to leak, this won’t spread to the rest of your clothes. Plus, you can keep the dirty items sealed and avoid spending your trip with a bag of clothes that smell like old socks.


The problem with single-use plastic goes beyond the obvious. Most times plastic used is not biodegradable and cannot be recycled either. Meaning it ends up in a landfill where it can take anywhere from 10 to 1000 years to decompose. Landfills may be the better alternative to plastic in the ocean or littered across the earth but receive upwards of 2 billion tons of waste a year, making them a very unmaintainable – and limited – solution. Our reusable food bags are not just biodegradable, but the box they come in is 100% recyclable.

The best part of all is that products are available for purchase online through Amazon, so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. 

Convenience vs Consciousness

There was a time where paying attention to your carbon footprint was a burdensome and daunting feat. Whether it was unreasonably high prices, lack of availability, or poor quality control, the incentive to go green wasn’t there. In turn, many people didn’t bother to do it.

Thankfully, the reality of being faced with the consequences of our contributions within society, and the world itself, made it much more difficult to explain away our actions. 2020 saw a crucial shift in what drives people. A survey conducted by Accenture that year found up to 60% of consumers had begun actively making purchasing choices that were more environmentally friendly, sustainable, and ethical. Furthermore, Accenture added that nine out of ten of these consumers were confident this would be a lasting change. In the months that have followed, this has proven to be a trend that has continued to gain momentum.

 One of the biggest hurdles before was convenience versus consciousness, but the post-Covid era has found companies seeking ways to satisfy both. In addition to online shopping, which has grown tremendously, we now have several delivery services at our disposal. As the emphasis on ethics in consumerism rises, more companies have begun incorporating environmentally-friendly products into their line to keep up with the increasing demand for conscientiousness. As a result, the number of people ready and willing to make sustainable changes within their own homes had soared. As we look forward to this age of environmental awareness on such a large scale, we MHSEcoFriendly are happy to be able to do our part.


MHS Eco Friendly Team









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Sunset – The philosophy of Life!

Witnessing the sunset is a great sight and experience which can not be easily expressed in words. For few, it’s just another day gone by where the sun has disappeared from the horizon, but for many, it provides great insight and parity comparable to our wonderful LIFE.

LIFE is indeed an amazing blessing bestowed upon us where we lead ourselves in certain ways and behaviours and we call it our own lifestyle. The heart and soul of our lifestyle are the precious moments and memories that we make and cherish as we lead our lives. Since humans are social animals and mostly like to interact with other people, this Lifestyle may be quite bold and daring if you are an extrovert. Quite sunny and shiny just as the sun blossoming on a hot summer day in its full glory. Or it could be just like an introvert, with a mild and low key engagement with the outside world. They are calmer and gentle in their approach just like the twilight when the sun rays are diminishing and exhibit a very cool and calm ambiance. This beauty and mellowness are ravishing and unparalleled. The key point here is the originality and uniqueness of each person’s nature and personality that makes them apart from the rest.

So whether you are like a rising sun or someone who has the wisdom of a twilight sun you are special by possessing your own individual personality and characteristics unlike anyone else. So make sure you have that belief, confidence, and admiration in yourself that enables you to keep that engagement and communication channel open that fosters positive energy for yourself and your community just like the sun.

Just like the sun that sets down will rise again on a fresh new day. This is a circle of life with all its gloom and glory, ups and downs, peaks and troughs. The dawn and dusk persona of the sun reminds us of the same reality of life we are going through. It’s quite comparable to the different phases and emotions of the living creatures. So something that rises with all its glory and reminiscence stays bright and sunny throughout the best part of the day depicts the extrovert nature of our life, but then needs to calm and settle down. The crucial thing here is maintaining a balance in the intensity and mellowness in our personalities at all times.

So life will be spent just like the sun’s journey in a day. You will rise, shine and set down. Your radiance will brighten the whole world near and beyond. It provides us the opportunity to reflect our book of Life with great wisdom and tenacity. So make the most of your time and energy by doing good and spreading the message of love and care for all.  Let your legacy, present and future be a ray of sunshine for all that is as stunning, amazing and irresistible as a sunset.

Keep Safe and Healthy and embrace a sustainable lifestyle. Adopt a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing, reusing and renewing. Explore reusable products like reusable freezer bags, food labels, food bag clips to keep your food stored for longer and saving the planet from unnecessary waste.

The message of Love for all.

MHS Eco Friendly


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Challenging times – Adapting Reusable Products

These are unprecedented times, let us not live in a fantasy world. No one could have imagined what 2020 would be and still turn out to be. The living generations are witnessing what the future generations will get to know from the history lessons. So we all are in a unique situation by going through this once in a lifetime scenario when the history is in the making.

Every individual has to deal and cope up with this pandemic in his or her way. As we know humans are social animals and the worst part of this pandemic has been to go against this very basic principle, to become isolated and keep away from each other. Stay 2 meters away from each other to adopt social distancing is a new terminology never used before. This itself has very serious consequences for many as it’s against the very nature of someone to meet and greet their friends and family and socialize with them in person as part of their daily lives. So this pandemic not only had physical but also a mental impact on us where everyone had to cope up at their own pace and capacity.

As a society as we all are in this together so we should also aim to get out of this together by helping each other and aiming to come out of the other side even stronger and better. At the same time, we need to keep the focus on the bigger picture and ensure our way of life is conducive to the people around us and the environment. Our priorities need to be reviewed and re-analyzed to ensure we are not leading the same old hollow life but have steered our lives to a better cause and mission.

We can live in a sustainable manner by changing our habits and adapting to a more sustainable lifestyle. Reusable food storage bags are not only good for the environment but also a better choice for everyone. If we look at the pollution and rapid change of climate we should consider this aspect as something each individual should at least think when buying any plastic product. We should question ourselves and make an effort to find an alternative to plastic-free products being available in the market. A little pondering over to the reduce, reuse, and recycle psychology will help you to do a little research and you will find for instance multi-functional reusable food storage bags or reusable sandwich bags for your everyday use. 

By taking this small action you will replace one-time use plastic bags with these multi-functional reusable freezer bags, or reusable sandwich bags or even reusable food storage bags. Once you use these you will surely not go back to these one time only useable plastic bags. This change of habit if done at a mass scale will have a huge impact on a global scale. So let's look at the change this will bring, our oceans will have less pollution, our environment will have less of these plastics that can not be biodegradable and recycled. Hence by taking a small step, you will eventually have made your big contribution, and if we all take action as a society we would make a big impact for not only us but for our future generations.

So its never late, why not look for an alternative to plastic products, and use reusable products in our daily lives. We at MHSEcoFriendly have been working towards this cause and are playing our small part to make a big impact.

A message of Love and respect for everyone.

Stay safe and healthy.